Jennifer Lawrence Smoking Hot on the Cover of IO Donna, Wants “Many Children”

Jennifer Lawrence is heading up the next big tween franchise–and based on The Hunger Games’s smashing box office sales, she’s doing so quite successfully–as a character who spends most of her time trying not to die, so sometimes you have to remind yourself that when she cleans up she doesn’t just look pretty, she can look f**king hot.

Jennifer Lawrence cleavageJennifer Lawrence hot blonde

Jennifer appears on the cover of IO Donna magazine this week in an outfit that would make perpetual globe-exposer J. Lo very proud.

In the interview, she discusses being discovered, the future, and feeling “ready, but also terrified” for her newfound fame and attention. She says that she sees herself in a few years, “With a family and many children. Acting is my job, but it is only a small part of my life, certainly not the most important. What really counts for me is to build lasting bonds.” Babies, babies, babies!

Since Jennifer is only 21, she’s probably referring to a time a little later in her twenties, but OMG if she wants a lot of children maybe she really is Brad Pitt’s replacement Angelina wet dream.

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