Kim Kardashian: Kris Humphries is Making Me Look Like “A Greedy, Heartless B!tch”

So I guess we’re still talking about this stupid marriage? Kris Humphries was on the cover of Life & Style last week to call his ex Kim Kardashian out on her LIES about their marriage. This back-and-forth argumentation feels horribly trite and regurgitated, but that uncomfortable feeling isn’t the only thing you might be sensing. You might also be feeling the rumbling power of Kimmy’s impending doom.

Kim Kardashian in jeans

According to the magazine, “Kim is watching helplessly as Kris turns this around and makes her look like a greedy, heartless b!tch.”

But there’s more. “If they [Kris and his attorneys] can prove Kris is being defamed and the marriage is fraudulent, they are going to be able to reveal as many personal details as they want as evidence. Kim is crushed.”

Okay, Kim might be crushed, but the rest of us sure won’t be. Personal details? TMI about their sex life? Insider knowledge on the maniacal interventions of Kris Jenner? It may not be something we want to hear, but maybe it’ll actually be something new and interesting. The world is full of possibilities.

Photo: Fame/ Flynet

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