Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Are Dating

Three time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams and puppet enthusiast Jason Segel are rumored to be dating. Jason’s funny, his career’s taking off, and he seems like a nice enough guy, but we can’t really say this is the direction we expected Michelle to go in after Heath Ledger.

Michelle Williams Oscar PhotoJason Segel Photo

Jason and Michelle have been spotted hanging out in NYC together multiple times, often with Michelle’s six year-old daughter, Matilda, in tow. Us Weekly reports that the pair are “smitten and very serious.” An anonymous source is said to have confirmed the relationship to the tabloid saying, “[Michelle] hasn’t been this happy in a long time,” and adding that the two are struggling to figure out a long-term solution for their bi-coastal romance.

Hey, it’s always the couples no one saw coming that seem to make it work. Besides, Michelle’s a mom first and foremost; a dude who’s down with the Muppets might be just what she needs in her life.

(Photos: WENN)

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