Sarah Palin Defends Jessica Simpson Weight Gain

Jessica Simpson has taken some heat recently for gaining more than the healthy or expected amount of weight while pregnant. Since she’s too busy having non-stop pregg-o sex to defend herself, she’s lucky to have one of the great debaters of our time in her corner. That’s right – Sarah Palin.

Jessica Simpson big baby bumpSarah Palin Looks Shocked

When asked about Jessica’s critics in an interview with Matt Lauer (because that’s apparently the kind of thing she talks about these days. Remember when she was almost vice-president?) Palin said, “I would have wanted to punch them in the neck. It’s nobody’s business how much weight I gain!”S-Pain went on to discuss Jessica’s slimmer days saying, “That was a different chapter of her life. I bet you she was exercising five or six hours a day back in those Daisy Duke days.”

Sarah Palin, ladies and gentlemen. Ask her to name a newspaper and she’s clueless, but get her started on Jessica Simpson’s weight and she can’t shut up. It’s times like these I like to remind myself that she was almost second in command to lead the free world. ‘Murica!

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