Miley Cyrus to Host The X Factor?

Okay, I think I'm getting a little weary of seeing former A-listers on reality TV talent shows these days. It's one thing to see former chart toppers judging and coaching rising stars like on The Voice, it's another to see them reading off a teleprompter and telling you to stay tuned.

Miley Cyrus new job

Miley Cyrus is being considered to replace The X Factor's fired host Steve Jones.

"Simon Cowell likes Demi and Miley and wants them both and she is considering it,” a source reveals. Demi Lovato is supposed to be joining the show, along with Britney Spears, who already signed a contract.

Really? I'm not really feeling these other twats on the show, but I'm expecting Britney to deliver like Domino's. She's gonna be just as tragic and entertaining as Paula was on American Idol!

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