Britney Spears “Will Eat a Lollipop and Wear a Sexy Outfit” on The X Factor

One thing you can't say about Howard Stern is that he isn't honest. Howard's season premiere of America's Got Talent airs this Monday and he's doing the rounds with the media in support of his new gig. Britney Spears is an official judge on The X Factor and Stern thinks it's ridiculous!

Howard Stern photo

At a press conference today, the shock jock said: "I think it’s a wonderful decision. Britney still thinks the earth is flat."

He said that she will pull in the ratings though! "I can't imagine… I think we’re going to tune in to see her, to see if she can function through the thing." He said that Simon Cowell and LA Reid will be giving actual critiques while Spears "will sit there and eat a lollipop and wear a sexy outfit."

Sounds about right!

When asked if he'll watch Brit Brit on the show he said: "I'll tune in to see what kind of trainwreck she is, absolutely,"

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