Katy Perry Butt Injections: Paying Off?

Earlier today, we all got a full view of Katy Perry’s surprisingly ample backside, and while the singer is no Kim Kardashian, she can add a surprisingly full badonkadonk to the list of assets she’s known for. But like everything in Katy’s life, dat a*s didn’t come about accidentally.

Katy Perry butt photo

Katy has admitted in the past to receiving “butt injections,” possibly to prevent sagging. In May, Katy confessed to receiving a shot of “a vitamin B and antibiotic and a steroid,” while traveling in India. She didn’t provide a reason for the injection, but tabloids reported that she shot is commonly used in third world nations to cause inflammation, which provides a sort of natural “boost.”

Whatever is going on back there it’s working. Now Katy just needs to invest in an in-home tanning bed because, seriously, that thing should come with a “may cause blindness” warning.

(Photo: Pacific Coast news)

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