Nicki Minaj: 2012 MTV Video Music Awards Outfit

Nicki Minaj looked like an outerspace Hello Kitty prostitute on crack at the VMAs last year;  this year she cut back on her signature eccentric style. Nicki’s clothes are just as famous as Minaj’s booty, so this is what cutting back looks like to the former rapper.

Nicki Minaj diva faceNicki Minaj body suit

I actually LOVE her outfit! She’s thick and she loves it. She’s fit and she owns it. She wears ugly wigs but she rocks it. Now I hope my check from Nicki’s management will be arriving on time. They promised me two digits if I kiss her a*s in a VMA post. I’m kidding. I have to work as a prostitute on the side, (I co-designed Nicki’s outfit last year).

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