Shanaee Pink is Nev Schulman’s Girlfriend

I have a pretty big crush on Nev Schulman of Catfish. He looks like one of my real life crushes and he is just so cute! Sadly the star of the best thing to happen to MTV since Jersey Shore is taken.


After yesterday’s episode of Catfish, Nev Tweeted: “SPOILER ALERT: I have a girlfriend that im crazy in love with. Her music was in tonights ep. Check her out & show her some love: @shaneepink”

“PS – Yes, she’s totally real and no we didn’t meet online ”

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! I hate that Nev is taken and I hate that Catfish puts such a negative spin on online dating. I had no clue so many people make fake profiles to pursue e-relationships. No one should invest months or years into someone that they haven’t met in person. LOL at Nev’s “she’s totally real” comment. Nev saying he’s “crazy in love with” his girlfriend is so sweet!!!!!!!

Shanaee is some musician chick from Tel Aviv, Israel who resides in New York. She’s fairly cute and looks great without any makeup. No one knows how long they’ve been dating but fans have wanted to know if Nev has a girlfriend for a while now. We finally have our heartbreaking answer.

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