Khloe Kardashian: ‘I Have a Nice A*s and I’m Proud Of It!’

Khloe Kardashian is the tallest K-sister and the thickest. Khloe has had to defend herself against harsh criticism over the years but she’s confident. Khloe explains that she knows how to compliment her body type, she loves her big butt and her marriage is still going strong.

Khloe Kardashian forehead Khloe Kardashian booty

Kim Kardashian‘s younger sister tells Cosmopolitan:

My biggest insecurity is my arms. I just hate the tops of them. I workout and they still never look good enough for me. It’s not like I’m eating donut after donut—I exercise and try to eat right, but dressing for my body type is key. I used to follow trends and try to do exactly what I saw in the magazines, but I’m not a Victoria’s Secret model who can wear anything. [That said,] dressing for your body type comes with trial and error, but I know how to do it now.”

Cosmo: Speaking of your body, what’s Lamar’s favorite part about you?

Khloe: That’s funny, Lamar just was asked this question and he did say my ass, but I think that’s a very guy or husband thing to say. But I don’t mind it, I actually have a nice ass and I’m proud of it—it’s the Kardashian booty and I own it. Big and beautiful, baby!

Cosmo: Since we’re Cosmo, we’re dying to know how you and Lamar keep things sexy?

Khloe: Lamar and I, during the NBA season, make a rule that I go to every single home game and then we go to dinners afterward and that’s our time. And then when he is on the road, I make sure to plan a lot of my road work trips so that we’re never really gone from each other too long. But Lamar is seriously so cute. He’ll send me flowers for no reason and his texts are just so passionate. But my favorite part, which is one of the reasons I love going to his home games, is that he makes faces at me while he’s playing, like subtly blowing me a kiss or something like that. So the fact that we send sweet texts and still flirt with each other [on and off the court] definitely keeps things fresh.

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