Which Celebrities Endorse Trump?

In 2015, Donald Trump had many celebrities that were in support of his presidential bids. Many of them came from high standing celebs in the entertainment industry. In 2016, several endorsements also came from the entertainment industry by popular sports players like Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman. Other celebrities who followed were popular singers like […]

Celeb Beauty Secrets: How to Fix a Smudged Nail

Celebrities everywhere are wearing a nicely polished manicured nail. You don’t even bother trying, because the inevitable nail smudging always happens when you get your nails polished. Smudged nails are always a mishap, which are almost inventible. Even when you go to your favorite salon to get your nails done, your nails can still get […]

The Witcher Scenes from Season 1 You Must Watch on Netflix

“The Witcher” has been described by most people as one of the breakout Netflix TV series right now. Based on the monster-slaying video game saga of the same name, the ancient theme and captivating storyline have made it one of the best fantasy/drama-based shows anyone can see at the moment. In this piece, we’ll take […]

Kawaii Anime Apparel for Pop Culture Geeks

Currently, in Japan, the Kawaii culture is a popular style of cuteness, and this can be seen in the fact that many people patronize the foremost brand of Kawaii Culture clothes, Happy Monday. It is no news that Happy Monday clothes are designed to showcase the love for Kawaii culture by both geeks and nongeeks. […]

Clues to Who Rey’s Parents Really Are: A Prediction Before Star Wars Episode IX Movie

For all Star Wars fans across the globe who are looking forward to the new movie, the biggest question running through all of our minds is “Who are Rey’s parents?”  This is the question that has been drilling into the minds of many for the past few years, and we are about to find out […]