Dorothy Wang BIO, PHOTOS of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Cast Member

Dorothy Wang is the cute Chinese girl with a nasally voice that’s so bad, she makes you miss Fran Drescher. Dorothy seems much smarter than she leads everyone to believe. She’s fun and sweet. She’s wealthy but she seems approachable. We like this chick!

 Dorothy Wang bikini, Morgan Stewart

Although Wang is one of the “Kids” on the show, she’s actually 25 years old. Dorothy does not have a boyfriend. She describes herself  as “perpetually single” and she doesn’t have a job! DWang says that she is simply “Funemployed!” Am I the only person who hasn’t heard of that expression before?

Dorothy is the daughter of a billionaire business mogul. We don’t know if she has any siblings and we don’t know much about her parents. Hopefully that will be revealed on future episodes of the hit series.

Wang would like to pursue a career in real estate and “earned her rightful place in social media royalty by showcasing her luxurious life on Instagram.” Welp, at least that’s how the E! network has described her. Without Dorothy, we wouldn’t have EJ Johnson! Furthermore, Dorothy’s over the top BFF Morgan would be intolerable to watch if it weren’t for Dorothy balancing her out. We love Dorothy! She seems like she’s nothing but a sweetheart deep down.