Morgan Stewart: BIO, PHOTOS of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Cast Member

Morgan Stewart is hilarious, but she’s funny because she’s an intense C U Next Tuesday. Morgan is a self-righteous brat who has no patience for anyone or anything. She’s perfect for reality TV, but you’d want her to be sedated before you approached her on the street.

 Morgan Stewart hot

Morgan is dating her co-star Brendan and we think they’re pretty doomed. Morgan is hot, though. She looks like the love child of Claire Danes and Anna Paquin.

Stewart works as a writer online for a website called Boobs and Loubs. Although Morgan is hilarious, Dorothy Wang is the likeable one in their duo and we think that DWang will be one of the breakout stars of the show. According to clips from tonight’s episode, Morgan rips into Dorothy and makes her cry. Someone needs to tell Morgan that acting like a b!tch won’t get you anywhere on reality TV. Just ask Brandi Glanville.