Jennifer Lawrence Ambushed By Crickets

Catching Fire star Jennifer Lawrence is known for being a tough cookie – seeing as she’s famous for playing Katniss Everdeen in the hugely popular Hunger Games films – a character whose supposedly an expert in foraging, wildlife, hunting, and survival techniques.

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You’d think that after playing such a badass, Jen must be used to hanging out with all sorts of creepy crawlies, right? Well no actually, in fact the actress recently admitted that she had been scared to death by… get this…a couple of tiny crickets given to her in as a prank by her co-star Jeffrey Wright.

“Jeffrey Wright handed me a Tiffany’s box, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, Jeffrey, you don’t have to do that! Tiffany’s?'” Lawrence explained during the ‘Google + Hangout’ interview.

“And I opened it, and there was just a million crickets and they all jumped out all over me and I screamed and cried and it was awful.”

Yikes! Ok we admit, that it does sound a bit scary!

After a shock like that we would have thought that the star must of had an epic revenge prank lined up, yet the sensible actress has decided not to retaliate. When asked if she had anything planned for her colleague she answered:

“Nah. I’m too tired,” she said. “I’m like, “You have days off. I’m busy.”

Despite what she says, something tells us that Jen might be just biding her time so her co-star lets his guard down so she can launch an attack. Jeffery Wright, we’d be watching our backs if we were you…*evil laugh*.

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