Mario Singer Affair: Ramona Singer’s Husband Gets Mistress Pregnant

We already reported that Ramona Singer’s husband Mario is cheating, allegedly, but we’re shocked to learn that he got his mistress pregnant, according to Page Six.


Mario, 60, has been married to Crazy Eyes for 27 years and has a daughter. According to The New York Post, Mario has been dating a blonde socialite that he met over the summer in the Hamptons.

Mario has his alleged mistress at his Hamptons home when Ramona is out of town. He also sends her naked pictures! The alleged mistress’ roommate says:

“You’re not going to believe this, but I have to show you some pictures. Mario’s having an affair with my roommate,’ She showed me a photo on her phone of Mario’s ding-dong. A selfie text of his naked body, in the girl’s apartment!'”

Mario’s side chick got pregnant around August and he paid for her to have an abortion. Mario is still in a relationship with his roommate and Ramona has told her co-stars that she doesn’t want to know if Mario is cheating on her!

Based upon what we’ve seen on Real Housewives of New York, there is no way that Mario hasn’t cheated before and he will most definitely cheat again. Ramona thinks that she can continue holding on, but I don’t really see Mario sticking around for much longer.