Rihanna Attacks Daily Mail Journalist Elizabeth Ann Jones!

Leave it to Rihanna to be an a-hole on Instagram when someone calls her out on her crap. The Daily Mail’s Liz Jones wrote a scathing article about Rihanna. Rihanna posted many photos of herself smoking oversized joints in  Amsterdam.

Click to enlarge to read the text.

Rihanna, Liz Jones journalist post

Rihanna is a desperate whore who fought to get back with Chris Brown, only to have him move back in with Karrueche Tran! Rihanna’s mess and she hates acknowledging that she’s a legit role model.

Young girls are very impressionable and look up to her. I didn’t read the Daily Mail article that upset Riri, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I agreed with every single word. Rihanna needs to get herself together. This journalist clearly got under her skin. Hopefully Rihanna will think about why the writer said what she did about her and stop going public with her bullsh!t via Instagram pics and scandalous tweets?! Just maybe?