Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Plans: A Fat Diamond Ring and A Sexy Gown

Kim Kardashian is dying to land the dream man that she may possibly call her husband one day, and she's hoping that guy is Kris Humphries. So far their relationship is going strong because as Kim says, "Kris just gets me."

Kim Kardashian Redbook Picture

If they ever do make it down the aisle Kim has everything planned out, from her ring to the dress. Kim idolized Elizabeth Taylor and is asking jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz to recreate Liz's famous cushion-cut Krupp diamond. Is it so hard to design one for yourself? She's got the mon..I mean Kris has the money to get her whatever rock she wants. Keep it original, doll. 

Kim has been envisioning her wedding since she was a little girl, and already has an idea of the type of dress she'll wear down the aise. A pal of Kim's told Life & Style that Kim wants "a white strapless floor-length gown that's traditional but sexy and makes her feel like a princess."

Sounds like a craptacular fairytale to me. 

Photo: Wenn