Miley Cyrus Lesbian/ Sexy Photos Leaked

Miley Cyrus? Scandals can’t escape her. It’s ironic that Miles had some “sexy” photos leak the night after Kelly Osbourne claimed that Hannah Montana has learned her lesson.

Is she a Lindsay Lohan in the making? Miles has been a lover of taking sexy photos for years now, and some of her scandalous photos always tend to leak. These pics are more funny than even remotely sexy, but at least Miley’s “sexy” photos look better than Demi Lovato’s.


In the photo above, Miley’s assistant is hungry for a fabric covered nip and ready to grab some imaginary curve of Miley’s with her right hand. Sexy?!

Miley is wearing the hooker dress that she wore while on tour before she turned 18. I would say that Miley likes the ladies, but we think that she’s too boy crazy to switch teams every once in a while.