New Sexy Miley Cyrus Cell Phone Photos Leaked

Miley Cyrus is still the teenage self-involved slut I’ve always thought she was. In these photos, which were allegedly obtained from her cell phone, Miley is seen modeling what appears to be some type of lingerie robe getup thing. There’s also a NSFW pic of an alleged Miley wearing nothing but a flannel shirt. Her phone was apparently stolen last week, and what better way is there to get use out of someone else’s stolen goods than posting their scandalous pics online for the entire Interweb to see!

It’s hard telling who in the hell the naked picture is of since their head is cropped out of the photo. If you compare the hair in the naked pic compared to the others that were leaked, it’s pretty close to the same color and length, so of course I’m going to assume it’s Miley!

You can check out the rest of the photos, including the NSFW skin baring photo of Miley after the jump.