10 Things You Don’t Know About Women by Jennifer Love Hewitt

I found a picture that may have been taken in JLove’s “size 2” glory days.

Jennifer Love Hewitt photo

For Esquire magazine.

1. PMS is not a lame excuse to be able to yell at you. It’s a great excuse.

2. We really can pump our own gas. It’s just that we’ve got this fantasy of you as a ’30s-era full-service station attendant. You’d look so cute in the hat.

3. We’re not complimented when you call your ex a slut. She dated you, too. So what are we?

4. We’re smart enough to know that smell is always the dog.

5. Yes, we can dish it out.

6. No, we can’t take it.

7. We want to raise children. We just don’t want you to be one of them.

8. Women are meant to talk and men to listen. We don’t want to be fixed; we want to be heard.

9. When we ask if you’ve had any work done, it’s because we want to know what our kids will really look like.

10. When we ask you how we look, it’s okay to lie; when we ask you how she looks, you better lie.

Jennifer Love Hewitt really did a pretty good job. Some of these are funny and very true. I just hate it when some people try to be funny when they don’t have it in ’em *cough*. I wonder what that’s like? Heh.