16 and Pregnant Recap: Jennifer Del Rio Realizes Domestic Abuse Isn’t Love

Jennifer Del Rio is 16 and pregnant with her boyfriend Josh Smith’s twin boys. She’s super close with her family and they don’t like Josh, and don’t think any boy is good enough for their little girl. During a conversation with her family, her mom expresses how she didn’t want this (being a teenage mom) for her daughter.

Jennifer Del Rio and Josh Smith Photo

Josh not getting along with Jennifer’s family is making the entire pregnancy experience harder than it already is. She’s torn between her man and la familia, but her parents are definitely looking out for her best interest. They don’t want Jennifer giving the twins Josh’s last name, and as her dad said ‘It’s a treasure that he needs to earn.’ Jennifer wants Josh to talk to her parents but he’s against it. He tells Jennifer he’s never going to get along with her parents and she’s going to have to make a choice. What a mess! Her parents even decided they wouldn’t attend the baby shower being thrown by Josh’s family.


Josh took Jennifer out to dinner for their one year anniversary and ended the night by proposing to her. She said yes, but her mom was pissed and speechless after hearing the big news. Josh said he proposed because he truly felt in his heart they’re ready for marriage. How can he think that when he doesn’t get along with her family? Jennifer’s dad spoke with her the next morning and made it clear they’re both too young to know what they’re doing, and instead of rushing into everything they should slow down and see what happens after the babies arrive. Josh has no intentions of making nice with her family, so you know this is gonna end badly.

Jennifer Del Rio and Josh Smith Picture

No time to worry about Josh and her parents because her c-section date is here, and she’s having those babies. Two hours after entering the operating room, Jennifer gave birth to her twin boys Josh Jr. and Noah. Yay for the beautiful babies but boo at Jennifer for giving them Josh’s last name. Yep, that knocked her parents’ anger level up a few notches. While talking to her mom about coming home and Josh staying with them for a few days, Jenn’s mom said he needs to be more respectful and they (her parents) always make peace with him and he does nothing to strengthen his relationship with them.

Once they get home, Jennifer’s house is filled with friends and family members who want to visit the twins. Josh can’t handle it and ends up leaving. He comes back a couple days later while her parents are gone, and they head to his parents house so he can visit his baby boys for a while. During the car ride, she gets a call from her mother and Josh starts going off about her parents trying to conrol them. and started degrading her family. Jennifer wanted to go home and after Josh called her a stupid ass bitch, they got into a huge agrument. He pulled over to the side of the road, basically kicked her out of the car and sped off with the twins. What. A. Dick! He came back and when she tried to get the boys out of the car, he picked her up and swung her out of the way. Hello, her c-section isn’t even healed and he’s man-handeling her? Jennifer and her mother called the cops and Josh was taken into police custody. When he was released he was constantly trying to call her, but she had no interest in talking to him.

Jennifer has a strong family and she knows how lucky she is to have them around to give her support and help with the babies. I think Josh is somewhat jealous of the close relationship Jennifer has with her family and would rather give all of her attention to him than her parents. It’s a shame she didn’t see what a tool he was long before she got pregnant. Sometimes learning those lessons come a little too late.