50 Cent Making An Appearance At Kanye’s Concert?

Here’s an excerpt from an email sent to Concrete Loop about 50 pennies showing up on stage during Kanye’s concert:

You may have heard already about 50 cent showing up to the powerhouse concert in Philadelphia last night where Kanye West was also performing. T.I. was in the line up for the night but because of his arrest 50 Cent showed up unannounced and dissed Kanye West on stage. He pulled out a pair of white glasses, tightened his shirt, and danced like he was Kanye West to the song Stronger. I believe he was dissing Soldier Boy also but I’m not sure if he was just being sarcastic. 50 cent kept saying that he was number and showed up for free because he loved the crowd.

Hand on Ass

Damn 50! Go find your own fans!