8 Mile, Antwone Fisher Actor De’Angelo Wilson Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

De’Angelo Wilson, 29, had parts in 8 Mile, Antwone Fisher and The Salon. He hung himself one day before Thanksgiving but it took authorities one week to find his family. He was found dead in a commercial building in Los Angeles.

D’Angelo’s family couldn’t afford to fly his body to Dayton, Ohio, but his friends including Antwone Fisher paid to transport him home for a funeral. His mother says he was having trouble finding work and was depressed. She had spoken to him about six weeks ago.

Antwone Fisher said,

“He was such a fun and funny guy,” said Fisher. “I’d have backyard parties and De’Angelo would always come an hour early to help me set up. He’d tell great jokes … It’s just real hard to think of a guy that happy and fun getting down so low.”

“He got depressed,” said Wilson’s mother, Debra. “His career kind of failed, and I think he was beating himself up. Things were real down and he just didn’t know how to pick himself up.” His most recent roles were in 2005’s “The Salon” and “Mercy Street” in 2006.

Wilson was taking acting classes at Kent State University when he was cast in “8 Mile.” He was on a roll, it seemed, until the bottom dropped out and the acting parts were few and far between.

SO. Sad. May D’Angelo rest in peace. Condolences go out to his family and friends.

Dayton Daily News