Adam Lambert Acoustic Album Drops Dec. 6

The man that I am destined to be with forever and ever, and it doesn’t matter that he’s gay because at least we’ll shop together, Adam Lambert has released the artwork for his acoustic album.

Adam Lambert art

According to Billboard, the EP will feature acoustic versions of four songs from “For Your Entertainment” — “Aftermath,” “Music Again,” “Soaked” and “Whataya Want from Me” — as well as a version of “Mad World,” one of his signature songs from his time on “Idol.”

You can pre-order this stocking stuffer now at When you pre-order, you get a poster of the photo above…. Hmmm, I don’t like the cover work at all because Adam is teasing us, being all nekkid from the waist up. I wanna see what’s going on from the waist down, dammit! Hear how I sound? This is why he’s going to take a restraining order out against lil ol’ 5 foot 4 me. It would be an honor. I kid. Celebrity stalking and obsessing is not cool, besides I have a boyfriend of the month to obsess over and stalk. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Sorry Adam!

Don’t forget, Adam’s E! True Hollywood Story airs this Sunday!