Adam Lambert: ‘Album Cover Is Deliberately Campy’

Thank God Adam Lambert has a sense of humor and wasn’t totally serious about the artwork for his album, ‘For Your Entertainment’. That picture is straight Duran Duran meets Liberace and it scared me a little bit.

Adam Lambert, makeup and in drag on

While all the blogs were going crazy over the album cover, Adam was busy at the premiere for Michael Jackson’s This Is It, but made sure to tweet an explanation this morning.

“Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. It’s an homage to the past. It IS ridiculous. For those that don’t get it: oh well. Glad to have gotten your attention. Androgyny. Rock n roll.”

The over-the-top makeup, bright blue hair, and galaxy background is a serious 80s glam rock look, but I can handle it. Now I want to be Adam Lambert’s album cover for Halloween. Cut the fingers off of a black glove, throw on some pink, yellow and purple eyeshadow, hit a Kate Gosselin Halloween wig with some blue hair dye and I’m all set!