Adam Lambert on New Album, Trespassing: ‘Every Song Explores Something Real’

Adam Lambert‘s sophomore album has been pushed back a few times, but now Trespassing is scheduled to be released in Spring 2012. Lambert met up with Rolling Stone magazine to talk about his new record, Trespassing. He even mentioned his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen.

Adam Lambert, Pharrell Williams

On Trespassing: “There’s party music, sex music, fucked-up-relationship S&M music. But every song explores something real.”

On Outlaws of Love, a song about gay marriage: “I’d never considered marriage before, but now that I am, I can’t do it.”

On how American Idol launched his career: “No major label would’ve signed a gay 27-year-old white theater dude without Idol. Now it’s about how I use the platform. Whoever you are, I hope you can find yourself in these songs. If that happens, I’ve won.”