Adele Replaces Lady Gaga As “Top Gay Icon”

Oh no she didn’t. First Adele stole the show at the 2012 Grammys without even bedazzling her face or hatching from an egg, now it seems she’s one-upped Lady Gaga once again by taking her place as the entertainment world’s Queen of the gay scene.

Adele Brit Awards ImageLady Gaga's glasses

So says the result of a poll conducted by a gay satellite radio station called (of course) Gaydar. Adele won in a landslide, scoring 55% of the vote. Her closest competition? Gaga, with a paltry 10%. The gays have spoken, and it seems that Adele is a full five times more fabulous than Gaga.

Of course, it’s just an informal radio station poll, but it’s hard to imagine Gaga isn’t just a little bit irked by these results. With the amount of attention she’s brought to LGBT causes, you’d think she would’ve at least been close to retaining her title. This defeat comes on the heels of Gaga being surpassed by Rihanna as the most “liked” person on Facebook.

If these trends continue, an impoverished Gaga may soon be forced to live on a diet of her own meat dresses.