Ali Fedotowsky Nude Photos Scandal

The Bachelorette‘s Ali Fedotowsky is caught in a nude photo scandal. The adorable Bachelorette used to strip on webcam for her ex and send him nude photos. Now her nekkid pics are being shopped around, allegedly.

Ali Fedotowsky photoshoot

This story comes from – a site that’s been publishing more and more fake stories. Anyway, Ali’s ex has been allegedly shopping the pics for weeks now. They were taken “several years ago.”

“A source says the unknown guy has been trying to shop around photos of Ali ever since she first appeared on The Bachelor, but only now are the tabloids interested in his extremely high photo rates.”

I hope this story isn’t fake. I wouldn’t mind a nude photo scandal traffic spike. Don’t do it kids! Crop your face out of the pics that you send to your horny boyfriends or girlfriends.


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