Ali Lohan Is An “Extraordinary Woman”? I DON’T THINK SO!

Ali Lohan was posing for photographer Jonathan Ressler. Apparently he’s having an exhibit for Extraordinary Women, or at least that’s what its called.

Ali Lohan boobs

I would like to ask him what’s so extraordinary about Ali? Is it her 40-year-old fashion sense? Her obnoxious performance on Living Lohan? The fact that she hasn’t killed her mother yet? Or is it that she finds nothing wrong with wanting to be like her big sister?

Do you get my point yet? She isn’t extraordinary! She’s a 15-year-old spoiled brat. She’s actually the opposite of extraordinary, especially in these pictures. I will admit she does look pretty, but anyone who thinks its sexy could be called a pedophile. That’s not good.

PS: Take those blue contacts out! They creep me the fuck out.