Allison Williams: The Hot BFF of “Girls”

Alison Williams may be the daughter of NBC news anchor Brian Williams, but with her classic movie star looks and considerable talent it’s hard to imagine she wouldn’t have made it in the industry even without her familial connections.

Allison Williams Photo

Alison plays Lena Dunham‘s ambitious and unsatisfied best friend, Marnie, on the hit HBO series Girls. With it’s awkward and occasionally graphic sex scenes, the role would be challenging for any actress, but it poses unique problems for Alison, the daughter of the trusted, fatherly face of the evening news. Fortunately, Brian’s a modern dad. “It’s incredibly great,” he recently said of his daughter’s potentially scandalous role. Brian added that he feels noting but “unmitigated joy” with the more risque aspects of the show, which last week had Alison ducking into a public bathroom to masturbate.

So how did a recent college grad with an almost non-existent resume land a leading role on one of TV’s most talked-about new shows? The right mix of talent, timing, and creative use of the Mad Men theme song. After graduating from college Allison made a hit YouTube video in which she added lyrics to the show’s beloved theme music. Within days, the video was noticed by Girls producer Judd Apatow who decided Allison had the “vibe” he was looking for, and the rest is history. Jump in to watch Allison’s star-making clip and check out Girls on HBO Sundays at 10:30.

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