Amandla Stenberg: Hunger Games Actress Responds to Racist Twitter Attack

Amandla Stenberg is the 13 year-old bi-racial actress who incited the fury of a few dozen bigoted morons by playing the role of Rue in The Hunger Games. So imagine you’re in middle school you’ve just taken your first job only to be openly attacked on the basis of your ethnicity. How would you react? Probably not with a tenth of the grace and dignity with which Amandla responded to her detractors.

Amandla Stenberg Photo

When pressed about the baffling reaction some “fans” have had to her performance, Amandla passed on the opportunity to stoop to their level and instead kept her comments entirely positive. “It was an amazing experience,” she said in a statement issued yesterday. “I am proud of the film and my performance. I want to thank all of my fans and the entire Hunger Games community for their support and loyalty.”

Yup, scores of morons out-classed by a 13 year-old. Though, in fairness, Amandla is not only more mature and level-headed than the Twitter bigots (Twigots?), she seems to have a better head on her shoulders than most adults, period. My response statement to that type of BS would’ve probably just been a drawing of a middle finger. We’re hoping for a long, successful career for Amandla. Hollywood (and the world) could use more young women like her.

(Photo: WENN)