Amber Portwood Left Rehab, Will Probably Lose Custody of Leah

Look out Pillsbury Doughboy/Gary Shirley! After two months of treatment, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been released from rehab. The 21-year-old fame whore supposedly attempted suicide in June, and checked herself into the Seasons Recovery Center in Malibu for some much needed therapy. But now she’s out in the world once more! Cue confetti.

Amber Portwood Ugly Face

And what about her daughter, Leah? According to one of her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley’s attorneys, Amber will probably lose custody of her daughter, though in the future she may be able to regain it if she can “maintain a clean track record.” I have serious doubts that Amber can resist the urge to smack a b!tch. It’s like the call of the wild for this one. Primally irressistable.

The lawyer hinted, however, that Amber and Gary may move in together so that she can be a full-time mother, even if the judge decides Amber shouldn’t get custody of (AKA be around all the time) her kid. Yep, that sounds like a greeeat idea. Someone better stock up on some horse tranquilizers if he knows what’s best for him! And by ‘someone,’ I’m talking to you, Gary!