Amber Portwood Reunites With Leah After Suicide Attempt

The last week has been rough for Amber Portwood – after an apparent suicide attempt and deciding she needs to go to rehab and therapy for her anger issues. At least one good thing has happened, Amber was reunited with her daughter Leah!

Leah Shirley and Amber Portwood

It’s being reported it was an ’emotional reunion’ for Amber and Leah outside of Amber’s home. Gary Shirley has physical custody of Leah, and Amber is suppose to have supervised visitation with her baby girl one day a week for two hours, but a witness says there wasn’t a supervisor in sight.

“Maybe there was an official from Child Protective Services inside her house, but I didn’t see anyone else outside with Amber and Leah except someone who looked like an MTV cameraman!”

Please tell me this witness’s eyes were deceiving them and there wasn’t an MTV camera guy there. I know MTV wants to document so much with these baby mommas, but there’s a time when you need to back off and let them be human.

Photo: WENN