Amber Rose’s Twitter: One of the Best Things Online

Amber Rose is my girl crush because I think she’s a great role model who is more than just a pretty face.

Amber Rose Hip Hop cover

Amber seems very down to earth and she has confidence to spare and she has intelligent things to say. She’s real in every way, so real that she feels that she doesn’t need hair in order to be a boss bitch. I just discovered that Amber has a Twitter page. INSANE! I think I followed her before, but it may have been a poser. Anyway, I’ve pulled her best tweets for around the past five days for you to enjoy:

* Not all of these tweets are in the proper order cause the order doesn’t affect the context of Reggie Bush’s girlfriend‘s tweets.

  • To All of my new followers NO NEGATIVITY Comes thru my page ALL POSITIVE ENERGY or u will get BLOCKED. Thanx 🙂
  • Ladies if ur man is cheating & U did evthing in ur power 2 make him happy realize u c’t change sum1 that doesn’t want to be changed move on
  • Women hate on Strippers so much then go take pole dancing classes :-/
  • If a Stripper change’s her life she’s still a Stripper If a Drug Dealer change’s his life he’s Business Man, Entrepreneur ect?
  • Look, I’m trying to school u Ladies It’s all about GIRL Power don’t knock a bitch for what she does. Understand it & don’t be Judgmental.
  • Have u eva seen the “Pretty” girl sitting in the corner and the “Ugly” Girl is gettin it in on the dance floor? Confidence is key.
  • Ladies when u see a beautiful woman Compliment her even if u feel insecure. DO IT! You’ll feel good.
  • Ooh and My Son’s father can’t have a small D##k (Sorry lil D##k Men) I want my son to be packin. 🙂
  • Off to the gym gotta keep my body tight u feel me? Early
  • About to watch Inception hope its good. Either way I get to see Leonardo’s sexy ass. Howudooin


Here are some pics of Ms. Rose that were taken yesterday in LA. The other shots are from a recent photoshoot with Kanye.

Amber Rose arm tattooAmber Rose big smileAmber Rose licks Kanye WestAmber Rose Kanye West photoshootKanye West licks Amber RoseAmber Rose Hip Hop cover