Another Jesse James Mistress Revealed!

We’re up to mistress #5 for Jesse James! He’s slowly starting to catch up to Tiger Woods‘ number of hoes he slept with and that’s not a good thing. Male whores unite!

According to new reports on Radar Online and mistress sources, Jesse was in love with this fifth chick but his obsessiveness with her pushed her away.

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“She had a full-on relationship with Jesse. After a while Jesse became obsessed with her and she couldn’t handle it anymore. If he couldn’t get a hold of her for some reason he’d go over to her house looking for her. After a while, she got kind of scared of him and broke it off.”

Her vagina must have been the golden ticket because Jesse allegedly also bought her a house!

“Jesse got a house for this woman and she said he paid the rent on it every month. She said he only stopped paying for it once she broke up with him.”

This new woman doesn’t want to be revealed, or so she says. She’ll have a weak moment over a fat check from a magazine and will totally spill the beans. Somebody has to pay rent on that house!