Anthony Weiner Sexting Facebook Messages Revealed

We love a scandal. Nerdy Congressman Anthony Weiner’s sexting messages have been released, some of ’em, and they’re pretty entertaining. Anthony Weiner was “rushing” to send a woman on Facebook a photo of his hard weiner and we have the proof for ya.

weiner facebook

Star and Radar report that the woman says that she has over 200 sexually explicit messages from a Facebook account that the Democratic politician.

This chick says that she and Anthony had a Facebook affair since early this year.

In another missive laced with sexual overtures, Weiner allegedly wrote: “You will surely make noise when I take you (censored). I will tell you (censored)” Responding to a message initiated by the woman, Weiner also sexted: “I like when you talk about (censored).”

The woman says that she has never met the congressman, but she once had a 30-minute phone sex session with him!  


The woman tried to call him a few days later, but the number wasn’t connecting.

Star and Radar have  confirmed Weiner’s sexting messages originated from a Facebook account he used regularly until November 24, last year and recently abandoned. (A source close to Weiner verified that he used that page.) Since, he’s redirected his legion of 44,144 supporters to a second and ‘official’ Facebook presence, specifically designed for public figures.