Apollo Nida: Phaedra Parks’ Family Didn’t Know of Criminal Past

Phaedra Parks, 38, is a successful high profile attorney in Atlanta who just so happens to be married to Apollo Nida, 31, an ex-con who was convicted for racketeering in 2004 and paroled in May 2009 after serving five years in prison.

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He still has a current case pending, but before that's all settled, Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers will be introduced to Apollo tonight when season 3 premieres.


People haven't been shy about talking about how insane it is for a lawyer to be married to an ex-con. Phaedra has responded to the criticism by writing some semi-nonsensical rant about how all black men are ex-cons and she didn't want to contribute to genocide.

Phaedra, possibly and justifiably embarrassed, didn't tell her family about Apollo's shady past.

"My family was a little shocked when they found out through the press… He has served his time and under our laws we have a system where if you do what you are supposed to do you should be able to return to society and be made whole and not constantly scrutinized for something that happened in the past."

Phaedra and Apollo had their first child together, a baby boy, in July.

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