Ashley Hebert Had Sex With Ben Flajnik the Night Before She Dumped Him

When Ben Flajnik was dumped on Monday night’s season finale of “The Bachelorette,” he told Ashley Hebert, “I didn’t see that coming!” Ben was devastated, and now we’re learning why he may have been so blinded. Ashley was workin’ him out the night before she dumped him!

Ben Flajnik, Ashley Hebert picture

Star magazine reports that Ben and Ashley had sex the night before. JP is also not very happy about it.

“There have been major issues. JP can’t seem to get past Ashley’s night with Ben. She definitely slept with him, and JP is spitting mad.”

A prideful Ben Flajnik is “talking about having sex with Ashley” to friends to make himself feel better because he was “completely crushed” when she didn’t accept his proposal.

Former Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak says that pretty much every Bachelorette sleeps with her final two contenders. Jesse said: “Everyone always sleeps with the finale two, and I’ve heard this season was no different.”

Born again Christians and religious freaks aside, who would get engaged to someone they didn’t bone first?! B!tch, please! JP is the better lay, but poor Ben got it twisted.