Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are Dating!

Maybe I’m not supposed to like Mila Kunis with a man whore like Ashton Kutcher, but I like it when two hot people get together because I’m superficial and I think that only hot folks should be with hot folks! Now Mila seems innocent, but I don’t know her personally and I think there’s a whole other side to her, like most celebs you meet in person or hear about from those associated with them, so I’m not trippin’. She’s probably a ho who doesn’t mind hooking up with another whore.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis dating

Ashton and Mila have been spotted on “multiple occasions” together, according to stalkerazzi site X-17. They even have been spending the night at each other’s houses.

As recently as Sunday night, Mila and Ashton were pap’d after a sushi date in Studio City before they headed to Ashton’s mansion in Hollywood Hills.

A photographer says, “Ashton was touching Mila and Mila was all dressed up. She looked hot; this was definitely more than a dinner between friends – this was a full-on date!”

These two make a lot of sense. They played a couple for years, they both got out of long-term relationships not too long ago, they live in Los Angeles, and they’re heterosexual… Sounds like a match to me! Oh, and Rihanna, you’re gonna have to find someone else to sext. Ashton’s just not that into you.