Avril Lavigne and Lindsay Lohan Had a “Fight”

The NY Post reports that Avril Lavigne and Lindsay Lohan had a “fight” at the Chateau Marmont hotel last night. And by ‘fight,’ the publication means that they exchanged some words, some of which sound like fakery.

It all went down when Avril was chillaxing at a table with boyfriend Brody Jenner and some of their friends when Lindsay went over and wanted to act like they were tight by saying hi. But Avril was in no mood to make nice because Lindsay snubbed her a few days earlier at another event.

Lindsay Lohan light dress

“As soon as she [Lohan] approached, Avril launched at her and said: ‘Get the hell out of my face, you are fake, you are a loser. I don’t like false people. Stay away from me and my friends.’ Lindsay was furious and screamed back: ‘Don’t threaten me!’ She then stormed off to security and tried to get them to kick Avril out. They refused to force Avril to leave. Lindsay eventually stormed off.

It seemed like she was just being friendly to Avril because she was with people Lindsay wanted to impress.

I would love for Avril to smack the coke outta Lindsay’s nose. Lindsay is a full-time diva. She didn’t wanna sit next to Taylor Momsen, Beyonce had to check her… the list is endless. But as far as Avril saying “I don’t like false people,” that doesn’t sound like something Avril would say.