B2K Rape Scandal Update

Raz B’s brother Ricky Romance did an interview with New Urban. I hope Chris Stokes and every other pedo goes to jail for a long time so they can get theirs.

It takes a lot of courage to speak out. Raz B did a good job, before he lied and said it didn’t happen. In this interview with Urban Blog, Raz’s brother Ricky explains that Chris Stokes made Raz take it all back on camera.

TNU: Have you talked to Raz B since the scandal broke on the internet?

RICKY ROMANCE: I just got off the phone with DeMario (Raz B), and the apology tape is not real! Chris had people force Raz to read a script and coerced him into taking money. I talked to DeMario and the money will be returned. We want this done right. We’re putting this message out there for all of the innocent kids who get abused and are then forced to be silent.

TNU: Rumors have swirled that Raz B was forced by gang members to take back his statements against Chris Stokes. Is this true?

I won’t say names of who it was who came at Raz to take that shit back, but I’ll tell you that it was some street niggaz. That’s all Ican say.

Since you released your molestation allegations against Chris Stokes, has there been backlash?

Listen, yes. I’m being followed. Niggaz are threatening my life, but I don’t care. I stand by what I said because it’s the truth. Maybe I’m the only one brave enough to talk, but this has gone on for too long. I just want Chris’s sick child molesting pedophile ass to go to jail. Period.

TNU: How is Stokes threatening you?
RICKY ROMANCE: Right now he’s trying to intimidate us. Chris Stokes is very connected. His best friend is the Los Angeles Chief of Police.

How did the alleged molestation start?

All of this is my fault. Chris tried this shit with me and I let it happen to my brother. Chris came into our lives at a vulnerable time. Our mother was on drugs and having problems in her marriage. He was our father figure. The sad thing is, I love Chris. That’s my family. He took DeMario in and was supposed to show him a better life. That better life was just financial. DeMario never finished school, hardly saw a dime and was molested from the time he was little until he stopped it.

TNU: Were you and Raz B the only boys who worked with Chris that got molested?

Chris told all of us “participate in those fuckin gay acts, and you’ll always be taken care of.”

*** May justice be served. I hope Chris can’t buy himself outta this. His jail cell awaits. Hopefully.