Basketball Wives Producers Intend to Sue Jennifer Williams

I’ve watched about every season of Basketball Wives first season and I’ve scarcely tuned in since, but one thing was always certain: Jennifer Williams is an idiot. She speaks very slowly because it’s like she’s constantly in search of what words she needs to use in order to complete a sentence. When she sued Evelyn assistant, someone who obviously doesn’t have much money, it confirmed the obvious, Jenny’s not smart!

Jennifer Williams cries

The producers of Basketball Wives are upset with her for not only filing a lawsuit against someone who appeared on the show, but she has also been holding interviews where she’s complained about the show portraying African-American woman negatively. Sounds like Jenny has lost it all and won’t be allowed back next season or possibly even on the reunion show!!

Williams has been violating her contract, which forbids cast members from doing any media or press without approval, or speaking negatively about the show. They feel that Jenny is “ruining the brand” that they worked so hard to build.

Hmmm…. Evelyn Lozada remains upset with Jennifer for blogging about her, now Vh1 is also upset with her for running her mouth. SMH.