Basketball Wives Recap: Evelyn Lozada Confronts Jennifer Williams in Tahiti

When one Basketball Wife leaves, two more come in her stead. Kesha’s off the island, but now Jennifer Williams and crazy Kenya Bell are in Tahiti. Substituting crazy for more crazy!

Tami, Shaunie, and Evelyn go on a sunset cruise, where Tami says she’s going to try to talk to Kesha because she thinks they can have a mature conversation. Maybe a straitjacket would help too? Shaunie thinks that Kesha didn’t want to escalate the situation, though Evelyn doesn’t blame Tami for taking it the wrong way. But that stuff is about to be old news because they spot Jennifer on the patio of her bungalow. Awwwwkward. They sail on by, and it’s like running into an old lover for Evelyn. It brings up old memories, and so she wants to lay everything out on the table. Tami is licking her chops at the prospect of confrontation.

Tami Roman in Tahiti

Jen eats salad with Suzie, because she’s the only one she’s still really on good terms with besides Kenya. Jen has “a lot of emotions” about being in Tahiti since it reminds her of her honeymoon in the Maldives. The two of them talk about how they are “grown women” and should be able to talk about their differences without any crazy, but they have this conversation as much as they have conflict. And look where we are now. But still, Jen doesn’t want to see Evelyn or talk to her at all because she doesn’t tolerate abuse–which is why she’s still going through with the stupid lawsuit against Nia, Evelyn’s assistant.

Suzie reports all this to The Clique (AKA Tami, Evelyn, and Shaunie), who all seem a bit irritated by the whole thing. Then they go on jet skis because this is actually, like, vacation. When the four of them go to get breakfast, they discuss how they haven’t run into Jen or Kenya at all. Shaunie thinks it’s just plain rude not to tell them they’re there. True dat. But they’re also curious about how Kenya’s dealing with the nasty fish sh!t they spread all over her room. Tami’s had enough, so she goes with Shaunie to try to get Kenya out of her hut. They smell the fish, but apparently Kenya doesn’t? That’s some witchcraft, right there.


They do convince her to leave her room, but Kenya is on a battle mission. She says, with the seriousness of a cyborg on a murderous mission, that Evelyn is a threat. “And I will handle her accordingly.” Empty eyes! This girl’s got empty eyes. A sign of the devil. Kenya says that she didn’t appreciate a bottle being thrown at her, though Evelyn says she’s sorry for doing that. It’s kind of a weird standstill. Kenya’s just staring at her with these intense eyes and shaking and the four of them have WTF looks in confusion. Evelyn says that Kenya needs to watch what she says, though Kenya keeps interjecting with, “IF it was said.” (B!tch, it was said.) She’s itching for a fight and wants revenge, which might be why her eyes STILL look crazy. Shaunie asks if Kenya is okay, and she says she just needs a minute. “I’m a little bit crazy,”Kenya says. Tell us something we don’t know.

Now that the Kenya issue has been resolved, the token crazy b!tch of the circle gets in on the gossip. They tell her about Kesha’s departure, and Tami explains how these vacations work. “Something’s definitely gonna get fixed,” she says, though that fixing often comes with new problems. To that end, Kenya goes to Jen’s bungalow to convince her to leave her hovel. To everyone’s surprise, it works! Jen remarks that it’s pretty outside. No sh!t, Sherlock. Tahiti is pretty when you actually go outside. But still, Kenya and Jen go to get food and don’t even stop and say hi to the rest of the girls as they walk by. At the restaurant, Kenya proposes that maaaaaybe Jen should have a meal with Evelyn. Jen doesn’t want to, and Kenya respects that, but soon enough Tami and Shaunie walk over and confront her.

As an excuse for not saying she was on the island, Jen claims she just arrived and was too busy and blah blah blah. She also balks at the idea of closure with Evelyn. But then Evelyn comes! She wants a discussion. Evelyn tells Jen as much, that she wants to clear the air, but Jen doesn’t want to hear it. Her and her bougie @ss get up and leave, which pisses off Evelyn. She follows. Naturally, Tami and Shaunie are in crisis-aversion mode and come along to make sure no blows are thrown. Jen goes into her bungalow, but not before Evelyn throws some few choice words at her. Once Jen goes inside her room again, Evelyn’s fuming. She wanted to lay everything out on the table and move on. Looks like it’s gonna be harder than she thought.