Basketball Wives Recap: Kenya Bell Calls Evelyn Lozada “Loose”

The Basketball Wives are still in Miami and we are all still reeling in the aftermath of Evelyn’s physical jab at Jennifer on what was supposed to be the most boring nights of all nights, Shaunie’s birthday party. The sixth episode of this season begins with scenes from that night, though nothing more exciting happens. Tami just revels in the entertainment value of the night, while Shaunie knows that if she lets Evelyn go, she’ll hurt a b!tch.

Basketball Wives season 4 cast picture

Jen and Suzie debrief the night soon after, and Suzie thinks that Jen and Evelyn need to meet up and talk again because Jen still seems confused as to why Evelyn is mad at her. Jen continues her speech about being in a better place in her life and says that Evelyn obviously has a pattern of falling out with everybody. Then, Suzie meets up with Evelyn, but they don’t talk about that night. Instead, they talk about Kesha, who is apparently a fragile, emotional mess over what happened at dinner with Tami. If they need to talk about it, Evelyn says, she’s not going to set up the conversation.

Suzie and Royce go to Kesha’s place to make a homecooked meal together. New trio alert! They fill Royce in on the events of Shaunie’s birthday dinner. Royce is not surprised. What’s a little more surprising is that Kenya manages to f**k up a radio show in the Jennifer vein. Apparently, a host was ripping into the Wives and Kenya just laughed the whole time, which offended Tami.


Evelyn and Tami cordially ask her about this, but Kenya thinks they just don’t know her. Evelyn’s super-suspicious of Kenya’s two-sided nature, and we can spot the crazy eyes too. Jen, Kesha, and Suzie play tennis together, and a new friendship might form. More friend groups within friend groups. Can my mind even handle this now?

Royce decides to meet up with Kenya so they can talk on their own for once. Kenya says that Kesha was sooo unprofessional and that she’s never had any problem working with anybody else. LIES, crazy eyes. LIES. She doesn’t think Royce knows enough about Kesha, like she does. But then again, Kenya is always pretending that she knows more than she does. Royce calls her out on laughing during the Tami-Kesha confrontation dinner, but thinks they should start on a clean slate. Okay, then.

Kesha and Royce go to a Zumba class, and they also discuss Kenya, of course. Kenya wants so desperately to be part of the in-crowd, she’s about to get all SWF up in here. Evelyn and Kesha then meet up on their own outside of the other girls, especially because Evelyn wanted to make it clear that she wasn’t throwing Kesha under the bus. She believes that Evelyn is not who she says she is, and is just off. “I respect real and that is what I want to be friends with,” Evelyn says.

Evelyn and Tami walk down the boardwalk, while (still) talking about Shaunie’s party. They agree that a group conversation–to clear up the Kesha/Kenya drama–is imminent. Hashing out needs to happen face-to-face. So they have a cabana conversation! Evelyn wants to know who’s been lying and making up stories, and Tami put her detective hat back on. So it’s a Kesha, Kenya, Evelyn, Suzie, and Tami get-together. Fun times forever! “All of a sudden, Evelyn is a mediator,” Evelyn says, “Who the f**k knew I would be appointed mediator?” I couldn’t have said it better myself. “These b!tches better get ready,” Tami says. That’s always good advice. Let’s tagline that shiz.

Kesha hopes that things don’t get physical with Kenya, but “you never know with crazy people.” True dat. Kenya comes in with an attitude, and says that she has told Kesha everything she needed to say to her. Suzie pipes in immediately about how two-sided Kenya is, but then Kenya starts spinning the blame and calling Kesha a phony so much it’s like she’s trying to be Holden Caulfield. Kenya keeps getting pissed and starts to take off her shoes–“the ultimate black move,” Tami says–until Kesha decides she wants to leave. Tami convinces her to stay, and Kesha decides that she’s gonna let it all hang out and tells them all about some of things Kenya has said about them, like that Evelyn’s loose (Kenya: it’s a “common thing” to call Evelyn). Obviously, this brings on Evelyn’s stank face, and Kesha and Suzie leave Evelyn there to glare at Kenya. As do we all.