Basketball Wives Season 4 Trailer: Evelyn Lozada Wants to Fight!

Basketball Wives should just be renamed The Evelyn Lozada Show because this b!tch is like Snooki on crack. Evelyn herself says “Now my issue is with Kenya and wanting to know if this b!tch said I was loose before I take blood out of this girl.” Awwwww, role models! It’s nice to know that Evelyn does not disappoint Vh1. They pay her thick and she knows how to bring it. Meanwhile Jennifer Williams becomes a punching bag, literally, while the new girls try to enter ‘the circle’ that is become “a straight line,” according to Tami Roman… Meanwhile Royce is pursuing acting while Suzy is just there. This looks good! We hope to recap Basketball Wives for you, just like we did last season.