Ben Flajnik: The Bachelorette Proposal and Breakup Didn’t Have to Be Brutal

We have all been dumped before, but how many of us were led on to the point where we found ourselves in a suit, with an engagement ring in our pocket, transported onto an island in a friggin’ plane, all the while having a camera crew in our nostrils?

The scenario above is what happened to fan favorite Bachelorette contestant Ben Flajnik.

Ben Flajnik, Ashley Hebert proposal

The potential of getting dumped is what 25 men on Ashley Hebert‘s season signed up for. Some contestants appear on the show with ulterior motives, while others like Ben are genuinely open to the dating experience. Ben fell hard. Ashley not only allowed him to go bended knee, due to the nature of the show, she also led him on.

Ben told Ashley, “I didn’t see that one coming,” but we, as viewers, did. What bothers me about Ben being dumped is everything he said before he got the axe. Why did ABC air so much of his embarrassing and revealing comments? Because it’s good for ratings, no matter how much it scars the contestant.

When contestants are filmed virtually 24 hours a day, you suddenly remember how simple it would be to leave any portion of footage on the cutting room floor. ABC should have just deleted the interview segment where Ben’s tear shedding about how his father has passed away, but now he has a new member in the family: Ashley. That was cruel.

On last season’s finale of The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky sent runner-up Chris Lambton home a day before his scheduled proposal. Unlike ABC, Ali knew that just because there will only be one winner does not mean that the runner-up has to look like such a loser, especially considering just how difficult it was for each emotionally invested contestant to make it that far.

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