Bethenny Frankel: ‘Bravo is Not Responsible For Russell Armstrong Suicide’

A very predictable rumor came out the other week that Bethenny Frankel wants to distance herself from the Bravo network because Russell Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills offed himself. Frankel says that this is simply not true.

Skinny Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny told USA Today: “It’s preposterous to blame a TV show for someone’s suicide.” The entrepreneur says that she heard that Russell “wasn’t so kind to his wife,” but she doesn’t know much about Taylor Armstrong and Russell. “I know nothing about them,” she says. 

Bethenny also adds that the contracts participants sign for reality shows detail what’s in store.

“People sign very lengthy documents and they know what they’re getting into. Life is stressful. It’s unfair to blame a TV show for something personal,”

Whatever boo! Different people deal with different obstacles differently. I think that if Bethenny lost all of her businesses and went completely bankrupt, she would shut down production on her shows. She wouldn’t be all like “I’m ready for my close-up b!tches!” Russell felt trapped. Becoming tabloid fodder didn’t make his life any easier. Without the reality TV fame, Russell would have been able to tackle his problems privately. I don’t blame Bravo, but the stress from the media and all of the edited negative footage likely contributed to his demise.

Photo: Wenn