Bethenny Frankel: Future Talk Show Host?

Bethenny Frankel is doing whatever she can to maintain her celebrity status and she aspires to have her own talk show. Although I love Bethenny cause she’s a riot, I think she needs to sit down and STFU.

Bethenny Frankel bossy

She’s a new mother and a newlywed and although she’s not attempting to get her own show right now, I still think it’s a bad idea. Reason being, Bethenny’s husband Jason Hoppy wasn’t famous at all until he met her, now he’s lost his privacy and she continues to outshine him. Jason seems to have done well with adapting to Bethenny’s celeb status, but he’s complained about it on several occasions on Bethenny Getting Married.

If Jason doesn’t like the spotlight, isn’t that something Bethenny should consider? Every celebrity thinks his or her relationship is invincible. Bethenny was at Barnes & Noble in NYC last week signing copies of “The Skinnygirl Dish” where she said:

“My show is great but I don’t think I’d want the cameras in a reality format in my life for that long. I’d probably be institutionalized! In five years I would like to be on TV but in a more daytime talk show type of format. I know my husband would like to have another child so that is on the table.” Your husband also wants a wife who isn’t a fame whore and what he wants should be on the table.

Bethenny was also on the panel of The View today and she’s on The Today Show almost every other day. Relax, woman!

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