Bethenny Frankel to Divorce Jason Hoppy?

Bethenny Frankel‘s estranged biological mother Bernadette Birk doesn’t believe that her daughter’s marriage to Jason Hoppy will last. Bethenny married Jason in March last year and she had their daughter, Bryn, two months later.

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Bernadette told Star magazine: “Right now, he is a good father, but soon she won’t need him and she will dump him. Her husband seems like a really nice guy, but it won’t last. He is really too weak for her.”

Bethenny is a very savvy overachieving businesswoman, but she’s always wanted to get married and have children more than anything else. It’s unlikely that she’ll divorce Jason.

Jason was working in medical sales but now works as a personal trainer. Bernadette claimsthat she doesn’t know why Bethenny mentions possibly having a second child. “I find it amazing that she discusses having another child with her husband, but she barely has time for the first one,” she sniped.

Bethenny says that Birk was “never a mother” to her and that she “never had a true childhood.” Bethenny has also talked about all the wonderful things she got to experience because her parents were connected to people who were well to do.


I think both Bethenny and her mother are two very strong willed folks who don’t want to fold. Both parties are probably to blame for their rift and Bethenny is a tough cookie! I think she fears that reconciling with her mother would mean that she’d have to give her mother some of her fortune, and you know she’s not willing to do that! Bethenny is extremely selfish. If there’s anyone who will file for divorce, it’s Jason.