Beyonce: Due Next Month?!

Rumors and speculation have swirled around Beyonce‘s pregnancy since the day she went public with the news that she’s expecting. No one but lunatic conspiracy theorists believes that she’s actually faking it, but a video clip released today suggests that something strange might be going on.

The clip above shows Bey behind the scenes of her “Countdown” video. It was shot on September 23 (she even holds up a newspaper to prove it) and Bey says that she’s six months pregnant. Wait, what?! That would mean at this point, she’s 8 months along, which would mean that she’s due in early January!

Bey and Jay-Z have been characteristically private about the pregnancy, but the couple have claimed that their baby is expected to arrive in mid to late February. So what’s the deal? Was the couple intentionally trying to mislead us about the due date? Did Bey slip up when she revealed she may actually deliver a month or two earlier than we thought? Weird. It probably just means that Beyonce misspoke on one occasion or another, but it’s sure to add some fuel to the fake pregnancy fire.

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(Photos: WENN)